Tree Removal Manchester

There are many reasons people need trees removed, here are 3 of the most common:

1) The tree or shrub is growing in a place or direction it shouldn’t.

For example you might need a tree removed if it has grown too close to a structure and poses a risk of falling onto it. This is especially true during heavy storms with high winds, icy conditions or heavy snow accumulation. Also, dead limbs hanging over your roof could result in damage if they fall .

Alternatively it could be the root system and its growth pattern that is the problem. Since roots will often follow the path of least resistance, you may experience unwated roots popping up between patio stones, pavement cracks or even curbs.

2) More valuable options for the space:

A mature shade tree is invaluable for property value and can provide shade during hot summer months. However, if you’ve planted a tree and it’s grown so large that sunlight is no longer available beneath its canopy, then removal may be warranted.

3) Preventing the spread of tree diseases:

There are diseases that can be fatal to trees. For example, the Emerald Ash Borer is a green beetle native to Asia that has been infesting and killing ash trees on a massive scale for the last decade. This insect first showed up in Michigan in 2002 and was identified as a major problem by 2006. Every year more species of our beautiful ash trees are killed by this pest. If the tree is not removed before it dies, the disease can jump to other nearby ash trees and infect them as well.

Why you should consider hiring a professional tree services company to remove the tree:

To safely remove trees can take a lot of tools, training and expertise. For example, the use of ropes to tie branches together so they can be cut down one at a time, keeping debris from falling onto your property or someone’s head. For bringing large trees down, heavy equipment such as a crane or a ball and chain are often used. This is in addition to chainsaws, bow saws, axes, wedges, chippers and so much more that ensures safe, speedy removal and cleanup.

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